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I'm FREE!...Free to Be Me!

What does it mean to be FREE to BE ME? In my experience this statement has usually been uttered by someone who has grown tired of feeling oppressed, belittled, unappreciated, and overlooked, to name a few. I can identify. Having been the victim of ridicule and rejection, then finally understanding that I did not have to remain in that state was liberating! But what does that liberty look like? Does it mean that now I'm just going to speak my mind because I'm tired of being pushed around? Does it mean that I will make sure that I keep the upper hand in every relationship because I refuse to be used, hurt, rejected, or dogged again? Does it mean that I become a renegade and decide that no form of authority has any place in my life? And if I choose to submit to any kind of authority it's on my own terms? (aka: you good until you check me or we don't see eye-to-eye; I then become suspious, or even angry with you) I do not believe that is a picture of Freedom at all. It is evidence, however, that we are walking in the wounds of our past. Free to BE ME means that even though the enemy threw some fiery darts( Eph 6:16) to thwart God's design for my life; I stand in Faith to quench his lies! Because I am accepted in the Beloved (Eph 1:6) I don't have to let my heart become hard. I don't have to build walls to keep people out. I don't have to prove that "I ain't no punk or chump". Because I am accepted I don't have to prove "I'm going to be alright". In Christ Jesus you and I do not have to prove anything....we can just BE! I am FREE to BE the real Me: VIBRANT, JOYFUL, HOPEFUL, LOVING, GENTLE, HUMBLE, PEACEFUL, CHEERFUL, LOYAL, HAPPY, PATIENT, KIND, SATISFIED, ACCEPTING OF WARRANTED CORRECTION/ CRITICISM, AGREEABLE, BOLD, DARING, FUN-LOVING, SELF-CONTROLLED, FULL OF DREAMS AND AMBITION! The Woman God created me to be! And you can be all that He created you to be! In short, Jesus' death on the cross purchased not only your salvation, but also your life! Let His love heal you as you and He regain control of your heart and life. In Him alone will you find purpose and meaning to your existence (Colossians 3:3). In Him you find the peace to accept yourself just as you are. You will accept your past for what it is THE PAST! Once you find that peace in Him you no longer have to walk in the shadows of life's wounds, but you can be FREE to BE ALL THAT HE CREATED YOU TO BE! And not a false knock-off! But truly FREE to BE....... YOU!

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